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Presentation ArcelorMittal Rodange  & Schifflange S.A.


ArcelorMittal Rodange & Schifflange S.A. is an operational unit of ArcelorMittal Long Carbon Europe

AMRS produces steel since 1872

Operates in Luxembourg (one steel plant in Esch-Schifflange and two rolling mills in Rodange) and produces  reinforcement bars, crane rails and special sections


AMRS was implicated in the development of the Tempcore process.

The last major revamping of AMRS' bar mill C was realized in 2005 and the revamping of its section mill was realized during 2008

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Steel plant in Esch-Schifflange


Train A: Section Mill

Train C: Bar mill

Key Figures

  2007 2008 2009
Steel production : 922.000 t 859.000 t 597.000 t
Section mill: 180.000 t 234.000 t 109.000 t
Bar mill: 491.000 t 520.000 t 368.000t
Rolled products: 671.000 t 754.000 t 477.000 t





Established in 1872 under the name of S.A. des Hauts Fourneaux de Rodange, the enterprise limited its activity to the production of pig iron until 1907 when a Thomas steel melting shop was installed, along with several rolling mills. Meanwhile, in 1905, the company had merged with S.A. Ougrée-Marihaye, a Belgian iron and steel producer of which the plant at Rodange became a division.

In 1935, the works again became autonomous with its incorporation as a distinct limited company under the denomination of S.A. Minière et Métallurgique de Rodange.
The installed section mill was completed by a 600 mm mill train for special sections and a 300 mm bar mill train to which was added  a wire rolling train
in 1950,.

During the 1950's, the Thomas melting shop was adapted to bottom-blowing with enriched air. An LDAC converter was installed in 1964. In 1971 the Thomas converters were adapted to blowing with pure oxygen by the OBM process.
The bar and wire mill was completely modernized in 1969, and in 1970 a new blooming mill came into operation.

In 1973 the company merged with the Athus division of Cockerill (Belgium) to form S.A. Métallurgique et Minière de Rodange-Athus.

Industrial restructuring, enforced by the steel industry crisis which began in 1974, led to the complete shut- down of the Athus division, located in Belgium, and the cessation of hot metal production at the Rodange works in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

An agreement reached in 1977 with the Belgian and Luxembourg governments, as well as with ARBED, enabled the company to make a fresh start as a reroller, and thus to undertake, on an improved basis, the investments needed to guarantee high technical levels and improved productivity.

The section mill was modernized in stages: installation of a walking- beam reheating furnace, modernization of the layout of the mill train and of the rail finishing shop.
A pilot installation for heat treatment of rails put into operation at the end of 1985 enables Rodange to maintain its position in the leading group of manufacturers of rails, a product which has always been the speciality of the company.

In 1994 the steel plant of Esch–Schifflange, with its freshly installed electric furnace and the rolling mills of Rodange, merged into one company, ARES.


AM Rodange & Schifflange


1994 Creation of ARES (76% owned by ArcelorMittal Profil Luxembourg S.A.)
2002 Creation of ARCELOR (merger of ARBED (Luxembourg), ACERALIA (Spain) and USINOR (France)
2005 Revamping of Mill “C"
2006 ARES renamed Arcelor Rodange S.A.
2007 Creation of ArcelorMittal
2007 Revamping of Mill “A"
2008 Arcelor Rodange S.A. renamed in ArcelorMittal Rodange and Schifflange S.A.

Site Rodange

1872 Foundation of “S.A. desHauts Fourneaux de Rodange
1969 Revamping of Mill “C"
1973 Foundation of MMRA
1978 Shut down of Mines, Foundry,Blast Furnaces and Steelplant
1978 Participation of ARBED

Site Schifflange

1871 Foundation of "Metzeschmelz"
1911 Creation of “ARBED
1981 Start-up of billet caster
1994 Start-up of electrical arc furnace

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