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Rock Bolt


ARES produces and develops Rock Bolts bars since 1982.

Therefore has the ability to find the best solution to meet customers requirements.

Due to special mechanical characteristics (i.e. very high elongation, very high ductility) Rock Bolts are essentially used in mining applications.

Other geotechnical applications for Rock Bolts are stabilization of soil masses under load, cavern/ tunnel walls, excavations or slopes.

Other advantages are high loads which can be carried with small borehole diameters and high shear bonding between deformed bar and cement grout.
Available as:  

a) Normal bar, indented or plain


b*) Threaded bar: Bar with continuous, right hand, rolled on thread.

Full load carrying cross section, no damage to the bar surface in the threaded area.

High dynamic load resistance due to the carefully designed thread profile.

Free length-adjustment, easy bar-extension by coupling.

Allows easy removal of temporary anchors as well as simple restressing and distressing.

Diameter range: 16(*), 18.5, 20, 21.7, 22(*), 25(*) mm (others on request)

Bar length: 6 - 24 m

Bundling: 2,5 t bundles wrapped with 5,5m wire

Grade: wide range of steel grade (450 up to 650 N/mm2 yield strength and 650 up to 820 N/mm2 tensile strength)

Diameter range

Yield Strength

Re (N/mm2)

Tensile strength

Rm (N/mm2)

Elongation at maximum force


Charpy test


16 mm * 450 700 min. 20 % min. 30 J
18,5 mm 470 650 min. 20 %  
20 mm 450 650-850 min. 23 %  
21,7 mm 640 800 min. 17 %  
22 mm * 650 820 min. 17 % min. 30 J
25 mm* 500 700 min. 20 % min. 40 J
25 mm* 650 820 min. 17 % min. 30 J
*(with continous, right hand, rolled on thread)

Download: Brochure Rock Bolts